RCS Fest – FAQ

Do I need an AMA card to fly?

Yes you need to be covered by AMA insurance. If you buddy box with a registered pilot, then you do not need an AMA card.


Are there RV hookups?

There are no RV hookups for power and water this year.


Is the FPV course a sanctioned Multi GP track?

Yes this will be a UTT1 track layout. Not a sanctioned race.


Is there power for charging batteries?

There are limited 15 amp outlet boxes for charging batteries. We ask that you not leave your charging batteries unattended for safety reasons. If you have a generator, please bring it.


Is there water for boats/planes?

This year we don’t have permission to use the nearby lake that is not on the airport grounds.


What can I fly there?

You can fly and drive: electric, gas, glow, anything Remote Controlled.


Will there be showers?

A portable shower unit rents for $3,000 for the weekend. Unless a gofundme or contributions covers that cost, there won’t be showers sorry. There are nearby camping and hotel accommodations.


Nearby accommodations?






Grocery stores?


Grandma Faye’s Grocery